Rarely are the terms hilarious storyteller and theological scholar used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person but then again, Lisa Harper is anything but stereotypical! She has been lauded as a gifted communicator, whose writing and speaking overflow with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life. Her style combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit.

When asked about her credentials, the most noticeable thing about Lisa Harper is her authenticity. During a recent interview she said, “I’m so grateful for the opportunities God’s given me but don’t forget, He often uses donkeys and rocks!” She went on to describe her greatest accomplishment to date as getting to be Missy’s mama. Because in April 2014, after a difficult two-year journey, Lisa finally got to bring her adopted daughter home from Haiti and she hasn’t stopped grinning since.


Taylor was born and raised in Arkansas. At age 18, packed up everything she owned, moved to Texas, and never looked back. Texas has a special place in her heart. It is where she met her husband, Robert Madu, and began her journey of not only becoming a wife, but also, her journey of motherhood. She delights in serving her family. Her daily life consists of changing dirty diapers, maintaining laundry, and wearing spit up like perfume. Aside from wife and mommy duties, she loves any and every opportunity to speak into the lives of women, young and old, sharing the love and grace of Jesus.

Taylor is a lover of life and her ultimate goal is to love people back to the source of life, Jesus Christ.


Arkansas native, Texas resident, and frequent world traveler—Meshali Mitchell is a portrait artist, lover of people, and a story teller. Every piece of her work is known to be immersed in heart and soul. Meshali’s goal is to be a conduit for people to do just that.



Jd and Leah are gifted teachers and communicators. They have a passion for making God’s word relatable and practical.

In 2015, Jd and Leah launched Zeal Church.

They live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two sons Bekton and Baylor.